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Tickets for Zane Lamprey’s stand up comedy tour go on sale HERE on March 17th, St Patrick’s Day! Join Zane for some well-needed laughs and some well-deserved beers, as he performs his show at breweries across the country.

Set a reminder to come back here on March 17th, so you can be sure to get tickets, as they will sell out quickly. Unlike the large theaters that you may have see Zane perform at in the past, the breweries seating will be limited. So, don’t miss out!

Tickets will be fully refundable if the event is cancelled due to COVID19.


Every week, watch episodes of Three Sheets like you never have before. With an introduction by Zane, this weekly YouTube release includes commentary during the commercial breaks, and pop-ups with information along the way, giving you new insight as you enjoy your favorite episodes!

In his visit to Jamaica, Zane makes a “big mistake” in front of a master blender. He tries 130-proof rum, that is evidently flammable. And he drinks an entire cup of “herbal” tea, leading him to miss a game of dominos and enjoy some alone time on the beach.


Zane, host of Drinking Made Easy, and Steve Mckenna (co-host, stunt drinker, mascot) take you behind the scenes on every episode of the show on this weekly podcast, as well as some trivia, stories, arguments, and of course a Six Pack Challenge.

Season one of DME was shot while on tour. During the day, along with their 15-person crew, they shot the TV show. At night, they did their LIVE stand up comedy show at venues across the country. In 87 days, they did 51 LIVE shows, shot 24 episodes of television, and one one-hour comedy special.

Today’s episode, brought to you by Kupu Spirits, takes place in Phoenix, Arizona (well, some of it). This episode was actually shot between Phoenix, Tucson, Tucson, Tombstone, as well as on a return trip to Scottsdale, and some pick-up shots in Los Angeles. Even though it plays out well, it was a very Frankenstein’d episode.

You can watch the full episode of the show at

Click any of the icons below that you are familiar with to listen to the podcast.

Steve McKenna is growing his beard to promote Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue, which is being tracked on the podcast. It should be known that Steve hates growing his beard, so we are helping animals and antagonizing Steve — which are both noble causes.


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You’ll also be alerted when his stand-up comedy tour is back on! Tickets are limited, so it’s going to sell out quickly. We’ll let you know when Zane is coming to town. He’s like Santa, but not as fat. Fat. But not as fat.

Secret Store
Secret Store

Zane founded Adv3nture, which produces premium apparel, all of which are handcrafted in America. Anyone can get cool hoodies, hats, and tees. 

But here, you can get access to his SECRET STORE, containing special items that most people wouldn’t understand. If you know who Pleepleus is, or know not to be scared of a run-in with a beer hunter, or wonder if you are “ski patrol”, then this is the place for you.

First rule about the Secret Store is that no one talks about the Secret Store. You know rule number two.


Comedy Tour

Zane’s Stand Up Comedy Tour is postponed until 2021. In 2020, Zane had a 71-city stand up comedy tour scheduled, which was to be performed at breweries across the county from April to November.

Zane WILL be back on the road the minute such gatherings are allowed and share stories about things the cameras missed while shooting drinking shows around the world.



Zane Lamprey is CBMA recipient for the Crushie Award for “Man of the Year” for 2020. 
For over a decade, the name Zane Lamprey has been synonymous with beer. Zane first introduced us to the international world of beer with four seasons of the award-winning television series Three Sheets on Travel Channel (and Hulu). He followed that up with Drinking Made Easy, on Mark Cuban’s HDNet, a TV show about all things alcohol, which included production, consumption and celebration. He went on to host Chug on the National Geographic Channel (and Netflix) and Four Sheets for DrinkTV. In 2020, Zane’s 71-city comedy tour, which he was performing at breweries across the country, was sidelined due to COVID but is queued up for when the quarantine is over.
Through his travels, shows, stand up comedy and social media, Zane has exposed countless people to the world of craft beer. He has inspired many people to further their interest in craft beer, become cicerones, and even open breweries. For his contribution to the world of craft beer, CBMA has named anointed him for their inaugural Man of the Year Award.
American Apparel

Zane founded Adv3nture, which makes premium apparel hand crafted in America.

While shooting his of travel shows, and visiting 71 countries, Zane was always on the lookout for perfect travel apparel. This lead to Zane creating his own.

Today, Adv3nture produces an entire line of innovative apparel and accessories for travelers, explorers, and those who live life to the fullest. The mission is still the same: Make meaningful products that inspire meaningful lives.

Animal Rescue

Zane and his wife, Mel, are very active in animal rescue, where they focus helping, socializing and finding forever-homes for special needs animals. Since beginning in 2016, they have helped place over 100 kittens, cats, puppies and dogs into new homes. They have also helped rehabilitate several squirrels, a turtle and an American Koot. Adv3nture regularly does collaboration beers with craft breweries where proceeds go to local animal rescues. To follow their rescue efforts, follow @mellamprey on Instagram.

Zane Lamprey is constantly being told that he has “the best job in the world”. As the host of television shows where he has traveled around the world drinking with the locals, it’s obvious why. For over a decade, Zane has had the enviable job of hosting international drinking-travelogues on National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network, Spike, Mark Cuban’s HDNet, and now DrinkTV.

Zane most recently hosted Four Sheets, which took him around the world sampling libations, which airs on DrinkTV. Before stupid COVID, he was in talks about a second season.

As the most well-known personality in the ‘travel and drink space’ Zane has built an empire around his brand, a legion of dedicated fans, and the reputation as a personality that people trust. He has participated in hundreds of interviews for radio and print and has appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show,” “Last Call with Carson Daly,” “SquawkBox”, “CNN Headline News” and many others. He has also been featured in over 150 publications, including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, Stuff and on the cover of Mutineer Magazine and D-List.

Zane is the CEO and founder of Adv3nture, an outdoor clothing brand which produces premium apparel, and handcrafted in America. The “3” in Adv3nture represents the three trees that the company plants with every product sold.

Zane has headlined two US comedy tours and is the author of the book: 6 Continents, 15 Countries, 190 drinks and 1 Mean Hangover, published by Random House.

Zane’s Laughs-n-Drafts Stand Up Comedy Tour is postponed until 2021. In 2020, Zane had a 71-city stand up comedy tour scheduled, which was to be performed at breweries across the county from April to November. Zane WILL be back on the road the minute such gatherings are allowed and share stories about things the cameras missed while shooting drinking shows around the world.