The Zane Lamprey Show 24 Hour Broadcast Record Attempt!

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To help promote the Chug kickstarter project in its final week, Zane Lamprey will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the “Longest live audio broadcast streamed over the internet.” This 25 hour LIVE stream of The Zane Lamprey Show podcast will run from 10:00 am Thursday, May 30th to 12:00 pm (or later) Friday, May 31st. 

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Live video by Ustream

The show will consist of a steady live audio stream and will also be recorded on video for record proof. All the proper arrangements, regulations, and precautions will be taken to assure that this broadcast meets the Guinness Book of World Records guidelines. To do so we will be asking fans to act as witnesses for the event. If you live in Los Angeles and would like to be a witness (minimum 4 hours) please contact us at with some information about yourself.

Zane and the normal crew of the Zane Lamprey Show will be in attendance along with special guests, celebrities, and even a few fans. There will be a program schedule released for the event at a later date but as things progress and beers get consumed there is no telling what might happen!

The audio will be streamed via uStream on the Zane Lamprey Show channel and you can tune in to listen at any time during the event.

Please direct all inquiries to

Edit: We are aware that there are other podcast that have gone longer than 25 hours but these podcast have either not complied with the guidelines for the Guinness Book of World records or have not submitted. The record is not for longest podcast, but for “Longest live audio broadcast streamed over the internet” and Guinness had the record set at 24 hours.  In addition, Zane was the host for the entire 25 hours (excusing short bathroom breaks).


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