Official Release – Zane Lamprey Announces Kickstarter Campaign for International Drinking Show, Chug

ZaneChugColors5For Immediate Release – April 22, 2013

TV host and alcohol aficionado, Zane Lamprey, has recently announced a new Kickstarter project to raise funds for a new international drinking and traveling show titled, Chug. The project will follow in the same vein as Zane’s two previous shows, Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, and follow Zane’s travels as he explores the world’s different drinking cultures and transportation methods.

The goal for the Kickstarter project is set at $500,000 to produce 6 episodes of the new show.  Zane is reaching out to his loyal fan-base and cult-following from Three Sheets, which ran for 4 seasons on Mojo HD, Fine Living Network, Travel Channel, and Spike; as well as Drinking Made Easy, which ran for three seasons on Mark Cuban’s AXS TV. These fans have been very vocal with their support of Zane and his projects. Even though Three Sheets has been off the air since 2010, fans are still calling for the return of an international drinking show.

The new project, Chug, is designed to combine the best of Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, Zane’s most recent show, which was similar to Three Sheets but with more focus on American bar, beer, and cocktail culture. To capture the best of both worlds Zane has teamed up again with Mike Kelly, the Executive Producer of Three Sheets.

With over 150 episodes on drinking under his belt and the support of hundreds of thousands of fans, Zane Lamprey is more than qualified to lead the world on a new international drinking expedition with this new project.

Though the Kickstarter goal is set at $500,000, the campaign hopes to raise close to double that amount. As the number climbs higher, more episodes and production value will be added to the project. Once the project is completed, the show will be distributed online via DRM. Those who donate a specific amount will be the first to receive the entire season while other interested viewers will be able to download episodes for a nominal fee.

Chug will follow a similar format as Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy but give slightly more focus to transportation and travel in addition to local drinking cultures. More specifically, trains will be the prime mode of transportation as Zane “chugs” along different regions of the world’s most exotic drinking locations. Once Zane arrives at his destination he will seek out the locals and embrace their drinking culture. As he does,  drinking tips and travel advice will be shared so that viewers can become informed as well as entertained.

The Kickstarter project is set to last 60 days and will end on May 31st. Supporters of the project will receive a number of different prizes such as limited-edition merchandise, invitations to launch parties, and even involvement in the show itself.

Visit the kickstarter page to learn more.

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