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Zane Lamprey

A comedian, actor, editor, producer, and writer for television and movies. Zane is well known for hosting the TV shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy. He keeps his hands full as Co-founder of Monkey Rum and founder of the ADV3NTURE Gear Brand. His third traveling/drinking show Chug airs on Netflix this May. 

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Zane Lamprey, travels the globe to explore drinking customs and cultures by tossing back a few with the locals. As he explores the libations of the region, Zane visits watering holes, breweries, distilleries and wineries. In every episode, he journeys by train to the outskirts of the big cities, chugging off to get a taste of local spirits.

First Aired: 2014


The ADV3NTURE Gear brand kicked off in 2017 with the Adventure Hoodie campaign on Kickstarter which sold more than 14,000 hoodies and easily became the #1 Fashion Project on Kickstarter. As a lover of the outdoors and long time world traveler, the ADV3NTURE Gear brand is a natural extension of Zane's desire to create unique & innovative gear for those who look at the world as one giant adventure.

Monkey Rum

Zane Lamprey and spirits creator Ian Crystal selected the rum blend drawing from over 30 years of combined experience in creating beverages and spirits.  Zane spent the last 15 years as an independent spirits expert hosting International Television programs and spirits culture events, while Ian led the development of over 40 new brands and products in the spirits category.

Monkey Rum is distilled 100% from Caribbean Molasses. The source of our rum is from deep in the South Caribbean where the ideal situation exists for aging rum. Both rums are barrel aged and then blended with only natural ingredients that results in both smooth taste and clean natural finish.

Three Sheets

Three Sheets was an international travelogue/pub-crawl television series. Zane Lamprey hosts a humorous trip around the world sampling the local well-known (and little-known) food and drink while also engaging in local alcohol-related customs. In each episode Lamprey samples various food and drinks and learns about the customs and libations of that area, and then experiences the local hangover cure.

First Aired: 2006

Drinking Made Easy

Zane visits popular bars, breweries and distilleries in cities from Portland, Maine, to Maui, Hawaii. Friend and sidekick Steve often joins Zane at the bars and breweries for drinks and food games, which involve who can eat the most within a time limit. Episodes also feature Six-Pack Challenges -- including keg throwing, beer pong and grape stomping -- with the winner receiving, you guessed it, six-packs of beer.

First Aired: 2010 

Have Fork, Will Travel

Host Zane Lamprey travels to various countries, exploring the native cuisine and culture. Visited countries include France, Jamaica, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Norway, and Russia.

First Aired: 2007

Showdown of the Unbeatables

Each week, the very best American companies do battle with their prize products. Super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against the extremely powerful waterjet. A vacuum truck capable of pulling 360 cubic feet per minute tackles the 22,000 pound electro-lift magnet.  Fireproof fabric takes on a scorching hot, military torch.  Who will win the showdown each week?

First Aired: 2014